What is Philotimo...

philotimo is often described as the combination of honour, loyalty, duty, integrity, trust and pride.

Using the values of philotimo as our guiding principles, we feel our obligation is to help businesses in any way we can. 

Our clients must be given the opportunity to build the business they've dreamed of. 

Our responsibility is to provide that opportunity.


Questions we would ask.

Who is behinD Philotimo?

A team of advisors, mentors, educators, consultants and investors. All with a likeminded sense of duty and belief in the greater good.

You can find out more about our people here

Is THE Group for me?

We have an entry level group program designed to help you achieve systematic business success.

It is not for everyone however. The standards, expectations and benchmarks are high, and business owners must be willing to grow, change, adapt and implement the proven processes. Support is provided every step of the way to ensure results are achieved.


Our private clients benefit from a bespoke level of advisory service tailored to mature businesses. Businesses must meet a select criteria to be eligible, and pass a values audit.

If you are in need of tailored advise, and are ready for the next level of success, let's chat.