Performance Philosophy

Why Read this blog:  

1. To get an insight of the Philotimo Global business performance philosophy

2. To begin evaluating your businesses performance issues

3. To take the first steps towards business performance implementation.

Practical Implication/tasks from this blog:

1. Evaluate your business in key performance areas

2. Isolate inadequate performance in your business ecosystem

3. Trigger an event in your business to improve hidden issues.

4. Run the identification task stepped out at the end.

The Philosophy.

If you have had the good fortune to spend time, speak or interacted with a person who has achieved mastery in an aspect of their life (business or otherwise) you will most likely hear a familiar, obvious and logical insight into their key success formula.  For most businesses and people struggling to achieve their desired success, this is one of the most neglected, routinely ignored and generally dismissed aspects of repeat success achievement.   

(Note: Our classification of mastery is based on a person's ability to repeat mastery level results multiple times, not just once.  If someone has not repeated a result multiple times, it would be foolish to replicate their process as you could not be sure if they truly have mastered the process/ability or their result had a high element of conditional luck.  At Philotimo we seek out true performance mastery rather than conditional luck.

Contrary to many beliefs, people who achieve multiple mastery results are not generally more complex, intelligent or have access initially to more opportunity.  These people have mastered their process and decision making criteria to refine their trade and maximise their time for greater impact.  They master peak performance in specific areas.

Most businesses fail to create and sustain performance environments, they then wonder why they struggle to achieve significant results and be short of limited resources.  The issue with this decision is that it is only a matter of time before these businesses will lose.  They will always be at a disadvantage and will not have the infrastructure in place to maximise opportunities.  Only through the creation and implementation of performance environments will a business master their delivery and create an unfair advantage.  

Let’s look at this logically, how would your business change if you:

1. Achieved the same result as a competitor in half the time

(ie: for every 1 hour you need, a competitor needs two)

2. For every $1 dollar you spend to acquire a client, your competitor needs to spend $2

(You double the impact of your capital and can become more aggressive/innovative)

3. Every person in your business contributes regularly to innovation

(Your whole organisation is looking for innovation and opportunity 24/7)

4. Every person was responsible for a significant number/driver in your business

(Would that take pressure off the leaders and motivate your staff?)

5. You have the ability to pay staff 20% more than competitors

(Could you then attract the best talent in your industry?)

These are a few simple examples of advantages you can create when committing to building a business focussed on performance.  It is the difference between working really hard and getting nowhere and working hard and leading your market.  

Our philosophy is simple, look and listen to those who have mastered results. Look at the top performers in every industry and endeavor you can think of, they are committed to performance environments.  For those wanting to compete at the highest level, you must embrace a performance culture in every aspect of your business.

Forget the new brilliant marketing idea, forget the injection of more capital, forget the new person/talent coming in and changing things up.  Your business needs to establish a peak performance environment or you will eventually lose.  It is only a matter of time before a competitor decides to make a decision to become relentlessly committed to taking your market share.  Without the infrastructure, process and philosophy to compete at the highest level, you simply won't win. Think about it, who do you know that has created sustained success without a commitment to performance excellence.

So when people ask about the business philosophy of Philotimo Global, the answer is simple.  We believe in peak performance in business environments.  We believe with the right guidance, support, and focus, businesses can become liberated and the top performers in their markets. When this occurs, businesses can serve clients better and produce extraordinary results.  

So begin your transformation now.

For Immediate Implementation:

Step one: Organise a meeting with all your key staff

Step two: Ask them all to write down

1. Whats on thing we could do to be more competitive

2. What's one thing I could do to make us a better business

3. What action can I do immediately to make my job more effective

From this basic exercise, you will be amazed at how must information and insight you get as a leader.  From this point, you need to decide how you are going to change it.

Good Luck!!