Philotimo Global is a business growth advisory that gives you the skills and hands-on implementation needed to grow your business into a profitable asset.


What we provide

We help leaders grow their businesses to achieve their full potential. We work with businesses across all industry sectors to address challenges in growth, finance, leadership, structure & purpose.

GROUP and PRIVATE Consultation

Philotimo brings together exceptional people and proven expertise to create a dynamic, nurturing and world-class business success environment.

As a client you'll participate in group sessions or regular private consultations with our implementation partners to ensure your business receives the focus it deserves for profitable growth.

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Our approach

Philotimo Global is the culmination of years of industry experience, the systematic implementation of actionable business processes, and a philosophy in business/life. 

We embody our values by guaranteeing to make a material impact on your business, and remove any financial risk to you if we don't.  It's that simple. As it should be.

We've created a welcoming and supportive environment, and help businesses of all shapes and sizes, regardless of the industry or stage of maturity. 

Our clients are our strongest advocates, and we rely on their referrals to introduce us to other likeminded entrepreneurial business leaders. 

If your business is ready to grow, we would love to help.

Strap in, get ready for good fun and hard work. Get ready to become the person you talk about being. If you have the accountability to do it, then this team will make the structure happen around you.
— Glen, Power Integration